No more complexity


 No more unwieldy cost


No more compromises


Aether Engine
Distributed at its Core

Forget compromises, build truly immersive worlds with hordes of enemies and A.I. The Aether Engine takes care of the distributed compute leaving you to focus on gameplay and narrative.

dynamic allo.gif

Dynamic Resources

The Aether Engine understands when to allocate and deallocate resources putting an end to under-utilised static capacity. 


Any Game Engine

Loosely coupled design means the Aether Engine can be integrated with any game engine just by importing a single library.


Huge 3D Worlds

Native 3D support allows the games to achieve the true potential by putting persistent A.I server side.

New Demos Coming Daily!

Last week, at GDC18, we announced Aether Engine.  It was an amazing success and we'll be posting more updates in the coming days.

Get in touch for a demo, and early access.

What's inside the Aether Engine? 

Download the Aether Engine overview to learn more about the simulation engine technology and its performance optimisations.